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HPE SimpliVity Public Cloud
HPE SimpliVity OmniCube's hyperconverged infrastructure delivers cloud economics, scale, and efficiency.

Consumers are turning to public cloud computing in droves. Services like Google Docs, Dropbox, and online backup, for example, are starting to bleed into the workplace.

In the past, there was a golden rule: infrastructure remains on-premises and under the control of IT. Always. This is simply not true anymore.

As users require faster response time, faster application development, and faster time to market, they are turning to public cloud computing, regardless if IT likes it or not. This phenomenon is creating the “shadow IT” problem whereby “83% of IT workers admit to using non-approved SaaS applications, compared to 81% of line-of-business workers.”

We’re not talking about isolated incidents here. According to the same Frost & Sullivan report, “26% of IT departments use six or more non-approved SaaS applications; just 7% of business units use that many.”

If a developer needs a faster test and development platform, he or she is going to turn to public cloud computing. If an end user needs to roll out a new application or a remote office needs new infrastructure, it might be preferable to turn to public cloud computing.

Rather than fighting public cloud computing, IT organizations should embrace it. Are you?

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The key questions that need to be answered are:

Do you have to trust your data with someone else or can you keep it on site? The answer is yes to both.

HPE SimpliVity enables cloud economics, scale and efficiency on-premises with new, innovative cloud enablement features built right into OmniCube. HPE SimpliVity also enables trusted service providers to offer both public cloud computing services and hosted private cloud computing on its revolutionary hyperconverged platform, OmniCube.

Cloud computing service providers that want to differentiate their service offerings will appreciate HPE SimpliVity’s Utility Enablement Program for Service Providers.

IT organizations that want to gain the benefits of public cloud computing in their on-premises IT will appreciate the cloud enablement features in HPE SimpliVity’s OmniCube hyperconverged platform.