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HPE SimpliVity Public Cloud Storage
OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure integrates data protection.

Tape is popular for off-site storage media today. With the advent of public cloud storage, this could change. The volume of data kept in public cloud storage is increasing every year, while off-site tape use is decreasing.

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Deduplication Drives Public Cloud Adoption

As the volume of company data expands, backup workloads are harder to manage. Data growth has been forcing the use of disk in the backup data path to relieve pressure on the limited time available to execute larger and larger backup jobs. Storage efficiency technologies, such as data deduplication, is fueling the adoption of disk. So how do these trends impact the interest in public cloud?

As IT organizations adopt disk for backup and decrease their reliance on tape media, interest in electronically vaulting data is on the rise. This is especially true for those employing deduplication to optimize network bandwidth and storage capacity. Maintaining data in its optimized state and electronically transferring it within and between sites creates new levels of efficiency.

OmniCube and Public Cloud Storage

Public cloud storage plays a bigger role in data protection strategies today. Public cloud storage services provide a public cloud-based tier of storage for on-premises backup and archive solutions. On-premises backup integrate with public cloud storage providers’ APIs to enable the seamless transfer of data into the public cloud tier.

OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure integrates data protection. Backup polices established at the virtual machine level dictate the frequency of virtual machine copies, storage destination (local, remote site, or public cloud), retention time, and preference for application- or crash-consistent copies. This eliminates the need for additional backup software, backup hardware, replication, backup deduplication, and cloud gateway solutions.

OmniCube’s Data Virtualization Platform deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes data written to production storage – at inception – and maintains it in its optimized state for the life of data. OmniCube creates capacity- and bandwidth-efficient copies of virtual machines and stores them locally and remotely in public cloud storage, such as Amazon Web Services.

Public Cloud Opportunity

A public cloud tier is a way to maintain remote copies of data for disaster recovery. Recovering virtual machines or small data sets from the cloud improves recovery time objectives. The alternative of recalling tape media, and recovering from tape can take more time.

The easiest use case to trial public cloud storage services is remote office data. The typical volume of data at remote offices is well-suited to this approach. Transporting it off site eliminates on-premises hardware.