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HPE SimpliVity Software-Defined Data Center
Delivers hyperconvergence for the software-defined data center.

The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is a cloud architecture that extends the familiar virtualization principles of abstraction, pooling and automation to all data center resources, and governs them with policy-driven automation and management. Do you recognize the references to the same themes seen in private cloud computing, public cloud computing, and hybrid cloud computing discussions? Abstraction, pooling, automation, and policy-driven management.

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The Software-Defined Data Center focuses on converting legacy infrastructure from static, over-provisioned, inflexible capital assets into automated, orchestrated resources to be used on demand, according to consumption patterns and business policies.

Why are you still worrying about:

Instead, shouldn’t you be worrying about:

Change the way that you manage and present IT resources to your users—shift the thought process from manual tasks and IT request queues to automation and self-provisioning. Stop worrying about manual tasks that no longer matter and start focusing on the business.

The focus of technology innovation has shifted to software. It has shifted towards applications and workloads, which drive the business forward. By building automated policies around virtual machines—and their associated data—you can provide the agility and flexibility that your business requires.

Software Defined Data Center Cube

Hyperconvergence with HPE SimpliVity OmniCube

You need technology that supports automation, federated management, high performance, and efficiency. In short, your infrastructure should be hyperconverged. HPE SimpliVity’s OmniCube is the industry’s first and only globally federated and hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

The infrastructure cannot takes months to provision, months to deploy new applications, or weeks to make any provisioning changes. The infrastructure should be:

HPE SimpliVity’s breakthrough is aligning the data to the virtual machine, globally. Locking data into its underlying hardware infrastructure is now a thing of the past. Now, data is just as mobile as the virtual machine itself. This is the true essence of Software-Defined. Just as workloads can be managed and automated through policy, so too can the data.

HPE SimpliVity’s OmniCube delivers hyperconvergence for the Software-Defined Data Center.