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HPE SimpliVity ROBO Backup
OmniCube provides unified global management—across the global federation of OmniCube systems at headquarters and remote offices

Remote and branch offices of corporate headquarters, typically connected via a wide-area network (WAN), receive some level of technology support from headquarter locations. Due to the wide distribution of corporate data across sites, backup and recovery continues to challenge companies with remote and branch offices. Both disk and tape storage systems remain staples of most remote and branch offices’ data protection strategies. However, newer wide-area/remote backup technologies are starting to gain more serious consideration as a primary means of data backup at remote and branch offices.

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Improving backup and recovery tops the priority list. Data growth is a contributing factor, as is cost. Other remote and branch office challenges include: keeping pace with the aforementioned data growth and reducing storage costs.

Remote Office Data Protection Strategies

There are many options available when planning and configuring a data protection strategy for remote and branch offices. Of course, choices might depend on the availability of on-site staff, the volume of data to protect, available bandwidth, and capabilities of backup infrastructure.

HPE SimpliVity Remote Office Data Protection

HPE SimpliVity OmniCube provides several options for remote office data protection. What makes it so well suited for remote and branch offices is its all-in-one “data center in a box” approach. OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure combines server compute, storage, network switching, and virtualization software in a commodity x86 appliance, providing a highly-scalable data center building block. OmniCube systems deployed at headquarters and remote office locations form a federation. Through the vCenter console, OmniCube provides unified global management—across the global federation of OmniCube systems at headquarters and remote offices.

OmniCube deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes data written to production storage—at inception—and maintains it in its optimized state for the life of data. Data efficiency extends not only to capacity, but also to performance. OmniCube reduces IOPS requirements and improves performance by writing and reading less data to and from disk. This makes OmniCube ideal for remote office configurations. OmniCube enables IT operations to manage activities at remote offices from a remote location. Data efficiency makes it easy to transfer backups between sites over distance.

Also, integrated data protection eliminates the need for additional backup software, backup hardware, replication, backup deduplication, and cloud gateway solutions. Backup polices established at the virtual machine level dictate the frequency of virtual machine copies, storage destination (local, remote site, or public cloud), retention time, and preference for application- or crash-consistent copies.

HPE SimpliVity OmniCube doesn’t limit data protection strategies for remote offices. OmniCube creates capacity- and bandwidth-efficient copies of virtual machines and stores them locally at the remote office and remotely at headquarters or in public cloud storage, such as Amazon Web Services.