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HPE SimpliVity OmniCube Hyperconverged Infrastructure with OmniCube Differentiation
HPE SimpliVity stands apart from alternative offerings by focusing on innovation that matters

HPE SimpliVity delivers world-class, breakthrough innovation with OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure. HPE SimpliVity stands apart from alternative offerings by focusing on innovation that matters. This sentiment is echoed by an OmniCube customer that stated, “HPE SimpliVity turned out to be significantly different, and not just a better version of what we already have.”

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HPE SimpliVity Simplifies IT

It sounds daunting, but HPE SimpliVity’s humble mission is to simplify IT. Why? Today’s data centers contain generations of legacy infrastructure silos that, combined, deliver IT services. Managing legacy siloed infrastructure (storage, compute, networking, hypervisor) across multiple sites challenges IT organizations. The added complexity from day-to-day operations (application performance, data protection and disaster recovery, planning, and data growth) complicates the task. You may be grappling with:

A snapshot of today’s IT environment reveals complexity, cost, and inflexibility that inhibits IT staff from effectively supporting the business. Deploying legacy products, dealing with many points of management, and trying to manually optimize resources introduces challenges and higher costs. These “islands” become limited in functionality, as well as strand resources, resulting in poor utilization, idle resources, and high labor costs. Further, none of these legacy “solutions” solve the Data Problem of addressing performance, capacity and mobility challenges without driving up OPEX or CAPEX. Addressing these challenges includes data creation through its data life cycle (backup, archive, WAN and cloud).

What HPE SimpliVity Delivers

HPE SimpliVity solves the data problem with its data virtualization platform delivered on revolutionary hyperconverged infrastructure platform, OmniCube. What’s different about HPE SimpliVity’s OmniCube? It starts with several innovations:

  1. Hyperconvergence with x86 building blocks
  2. Data Virtualization Platform
  3. Global Federated Management
  4. Integrated Multi-Site Data Protection

Hyperconvergence for the Software-Defined Data Center

With OmniCube, HPE SimpliVity delivers market-leading hyperconverged infrastructure. OmniCube leverages x86 resources to help customers achieve similar cloud economics to Amazon and Google. HPE SimpliVity OmniCube hyperconvergence technology provides a single software stack that combines the jobs of multiple IT infrastructure products into one shared x86 resource pool. OmniCube delivers the broadest scope of functionality among all alternative products. OmniCube collapses legacy stacks and functionality into hyperconverged x86 building blocks. This design is the foundation to the hyperconverged infrastructure OmniCube solution.

OmniCube consists of one or more 2U building blocks based on commodity x86 systems, pre-configured with SSD, flash, HDD storage, and connected in an efficient scale-out manner. The system easily scales by adding additional 2U OmniCubes to create very large scale environments in small increments.

OmniCube features high availability and no single point of failure. OmniCube systems deployed across multiple locations aid business continuity efforts, which make it the perfect hyperconverged infrastructure solution for remote offices and branch offices. In addition to integrating server compute, storage and network switching features, HPE SimpliVity extends capabilities with centralized management of geographically distributed systems; built-in VM data protection and off site backup; and data deduplication, compression, and optimization. This allows you to reduce your TCO by 3x when compared to alternative solutions by consolidating everything into one system.

OmniCube: Modern Data Center Architecture

The Data Virtualization Platform anchors OmniCube’s innovative architecture. OmniCube’s Data Virtualization Platform deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes data when it’s first created—with no impact on performance. It encompasses all VMs running on OmniCube’s globally federated hyperconverged infrastructure.

OmniCube’s Data Virtualization Platform immediately deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes data at inception by comparing it against all other data in the OmniCube federation. Similarly, it deduplicates, compresses and optimizes data for new or moved virtual machines. Data remains in this optimized state forever.

There are tremendous benefits from this architecture. OmniCube handles data in 4KB to 8KB blocks across all phases of its lifecycle (primary, backup, WAN, archive, and in the public cloud), across all tiers within a system (DRAM, flash/SSD, and HDD), as well as all data centers, geographies, and the public cloud. This architecture not only saves IOPS and capacity, but also enables the core functionality required in your evolving data center: data mobility, intelligent use of flash media, infrastructure flexibility, and cloud integration.

OmniCube’s Data Virtualization Platform is an architecture that addresses:

For added flexibility and generational interoperability, OmniCube systems provide storage services to existing servers running virtual workloads in the environment. This agility allows for effective infrastructure leverage. Simply share HPE SimpliVity’s datastore to servers and allow resident virtual machines to take advantage of advanced OmniCube features and functionality, powered by the Data Virtualization Platform.

Performance Offload and Acceleration

OmniCube accelerates performance of its inline deduplication, compression, and optimization through its OmniCube Accelerator. The OmniCube Accelerator, a HPE SimpliVity-designed PCIe card, provides unique processing offload capabilities to ensure primary compute resources are available to serve business applications.

The OmniCube Accelerator PCIe card allows data processing at near-wire speeds, delivering enterprise-class performance and reducing latency. OmniCube offloads deduplication, compression, and optimization tasks to the OmniCube Accelerator. It speeds processing and optimizes all data once. At inception. In real time. Once and forever. And, compared across all data in the federation.

This design not only saves space in a given system, but also eliminates IOPS to HDD and storage, which is the most expensive resource in the data center. By optimizing data on its way to disk OmniCube writes less data. Therefore, OmniCube requires less IOPS. That accelerates performance.

In a recent survey, 88% of OmniCube customers achieved improved performance of 25% or more. (TV source)

Unified Global Management

OmniCube Unified Global Management manages multiple instances of OmniCube as a single pool of resources. With Unified Global Management, OmniCube becomes an intelligent network of systems that work together to manage billions of fine-grained data elements, enabling data movement and sharing across the globe.

OmniCube simplifies management and monitoring of virtual workloads and applications. With its VM-centric perspective, OmniCube removes the layers of complexity between the hypervisor, and the underlying infrastructure. OmniCube maintains a VM-centric point-of-view, establishing policies, performing analysis and reporting, and executing actions and management tasks at the virtual machine level. This ensures that policies align with the workloads—and not the underlying infrastructure components. It eliminates complex mapping between workloads, resources and data.

OmniCube streamlines management of the entire global federation through its simple vCenter-enabled interface. Policy and automation capabilities improve operational efficiency and staff productivity.

“One of the nice things we really liked about the HPE SimpliVity solution was that all administration is done within VMware’s vCenter. The plug-in allowed us to not only view performance for each data center but also allowed us to view performance per virtual machine—a very nice, slick, and clean interface.”

—Paul G. Boutot, CIO, public sector

Policy-Based, Integrated Data Protection

OmniCube eliminates the need for additional, expensive data protection services, such as backup and replication. OmniCube integrates VM-centric data protection to further simplify IT and operations. Backup and replication policies set at the virtual machine level automate services, eliminating costly manual intervention. This allows for migration of a single virtual machine to another data center instead of having to move an entire set.

OmniCube natively includes centralized management, policy administration, and automation services that facilitate orchestration workflow. Advanced data protection and cloning features leverage OmniCube’s data efficiency and management components, greatly simplifying the complex steps needed to protect and move data.

The IOPS reduction and advanced data efficiency in OmniCube accelerate backup, restore, cloning and move operations. Rapid VM-centric backups enable world-class recovery point objectives (RPOs); while fast VM-centric restores enable remarkable recovery time objectives (RTOs). Rapid VM clones dramatically speed up workflows for test and development environments, while rapid moves and migrations enable mobility and agility across data centers.

HPE SimpliVity also provides cost effective off-site backup and restoration, which leverages inline de-duplication, compression, and optimization for the secure, efficient transfer and storage of data in public cloud repositories, such as Amazon Web Services. These unique data protection and disaster recovery services allow you to create robust infrastructure for all of your tier-1 applications, easily managed from a single, simple interface.

With these OmniCube distinctions, HPE SimpliVity lets you transform IT complexity into turn-key simplicity.

“We achieved our goal of simplicity with HPE SimpliVity.”

—Paul G. Boutot, CIO, public sector