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HPE SimpliVity Cloud Service Providers
Delivers premium economics, scale, flexibility, security, and efficiency

Your customers are turning to cloud service providers. That’s a fact. They will turn to the cloud service providers that offer them the best of both worlds: efficiency, agility, scale and economics while still maintaining security and control. They will also turn to vendors who provide them with a rapid, elastic platform to deliver applications, regardless of end point.

The public cloud computing solutions that exist today, based on legacy technology or the first wave of converged infrastructure systems, don’t allow service providers the flexibility and risk profile that they require.

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Today, public cloud computing platforms require:

And, at the same time, traditional vendors have not provided service providers with the business model that matches the consumption-based approach that their customers require.

It doesn’t make sense to offer a customer an application or infrastructure “as-as-service,” yet still burden the service provider with a large capital expense. The models should match on both sides.

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What if you could:

It’s Time for Public Cloud Computing

Traditional approaches are fading. Traditional infrastructure is inefficient. Traditional business models are obsolete. Traditional methods of disassociating hardware and software purchases from actual consumption are outdated.

Why? It’s the perfect storm of:

CIOs know that they need to adapt. They’re turning to public cloud computing in record numbers and “cloud computing” is on the “top three” of every “CIO agenda” published.